SKYGRiD is an energetic organization that’s prepared and qualified to take on any project that comes our way.

We value everything our employees bring to the table and work hard to remain inclusive, supportive, and open to feedback. We’ve created a work environment that resembles an extended family you can count on. We’re always transparent and will let you know what the future holds. As an employee, you are given the opportunity to become part of a community of visionary leaders.

A Strong Work Environment

Our employees feel comfortable in their work environment and are genuinely proud of their workplace. It gives us great pride to be able to say that they look forward to going to work and that they feel a sense of belonging amongst their co-workers and supervisors.

Career Growth

Our supervisors maintain a high standard of performance and make sure that each employee feels good about their future at SKYGRiD. They are each given an equal opportunity to reach their potential and are proud to say it’s a great place to work and grow.

A Second Family

We love hearing that our employees feel like family. When we hire someone, our expectation is for that person to retire with us. Our staff is our family and we’re always looking for the right person that fits that description.


SKYGRiD believes in being transparent. It has always been an important factor in our company’s growth and we expect it from our future employees as much as they can expect it from us.

We’re a family that has your back. Our purpose as an employer is to keep our work environment strong.

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Whether you’ve been with us for awhile or you’re brand new, your friendly coworkers will show you support and transparency because that’s the SKYGRiD way.

Transparency keeps us on top of our game and our social outings keeps our company culture thriving.

Everything we do,
we do with purpose.

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Quarterly Company Socials

SKYGRiD Construction organizes quarterly events for all employees to get together outside of work where the objective is for employees to get to know each other and, most of all, have fun. Events organized include Axe Throwing, Blue Jays Games, and Wine Tours. This is in addition to the annual Children’s Holiday Party and Employee Holiday Party.

Learning Community Atmosphere

SKYGRiD is a young company with employees who have diverse skills and experiences. We count on our employees to teach each other through teamwork and sharing of information. This is often cited by employees as one of the most valued features of working at SKYGRiD. If you want to learn, we are ready to teach!

Quarterly Onboarding Meeting

Since we are a growing company we want to make sure the employee experience is a positive one. We make sure all new employees continue to feel welcomed beyond their first week with us. We use this meeting to bring our Partners, office staff and site staff together and discuss the past, present, and future of the company and also allow time for a Q&A session.

Family Friendly Atmosphere

When you join our team, you join the SKYGRiD family. We provide comprehensive benefits and an RSP matching plan. We prioritize the well-being of our employees and offer flexibility in schedules when suitable.

Tech Savvy Team

SKYGRiD understands how important it is to keep up with the latest technology in the construction industry which is why our team has a dedicated Technology Strategist who keeps us up-to-date. Surface tablets with stylus pens for marking up drawings on the go, a Viewpoint Team app to create open drawings and RFIs on the fly, and we’re full cloud with a OneDrive app to access any project file. Our goal is to keep adapting to advances in technology to make it easier on our employees!

New Grads & Co-op Students

Being part of the student co-op experience at SKYGRiD is all about hands-on learning, mentoring by professionals and working as an active member of a project team.

Meet your HR leaders

Grace Paladino


Director, Human Resources

Stephanie Fernandes


HR & Payroll Administrator

Check out what our employees say about working here!

“Supportive and approachable management staff.”

“SKYGRiD is my second family.”

“The company is hungry which is inspiring.”

“Great professional atmosphere.”

“SKYGRiD values its employees and shows it in various ways.”

“I feel welcomed and appreciated.”

“Strong company growth perspectives.”

“The company management is loyal to employees.”

“I feel like I belong here.”

Recognized as a
Great Place to Work

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