What We Offer

SKYGRiD is a technology-focused organization that is committed to sourcing the latest and best technologies to deliver improved efficiency, quality, and collaboration to each project.

Our internal project management solution consists of collaborative, cloud-based, process-driven platforms that incorporate all project stakeholders and we implement live-video monitoring and access control management for instant, 24/7 connection to our sites.

Furthermore, offering a paperless environment ensures not only digital access to all our data and forms from anywhere on any device, but offers all users a contactless environment when required.

As technology changes in the construction industry, SKYGRiD will always be innovators.

SKYGRiD’s motto for technology is to use what is best for the problem at hand that is efficient and accessible from any device. This is why we utilize a mixture of laptops and tablets for our employees (to ensure portability in the office or on the job site), why we stick to paperless forms and processes, and why we store all data in the cloud (to ensure it is accessible at any time for anyone that requires it).

BIM Capabilities

BIM is integrated into our design management process. We work together with design consultant teams and subcontractors to ensure the development of the design is brought up to the requirements expected in oder to achieve a fully robust and coordinated design. This allows us to ascertain the level of coordination and highlight any critical issues to all stakeholders.

3D Modelling

  • Architectural, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical
  • Site Utilization, Construction Management Plan & Construction Traffic Planning

    BIM Coordination

    • Working Clash Detection
    • Overview Clash Detection


    • BIM Based Quantity Take-Off (QTO)

    Construction Simulation (4D)

    • Sequencing Diagrams & Animation
    • Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)
    • Phasing Plan

    SKYGRID Offers

    BIM Visualization Services, BIM Sustainability Services, BIM Lifecycle Cost Tracking, BIM Safety Plan Reviews, Return on Investment

    BIM Approach

    BIM Coordination, 3D Modeling, 4D Planning, Digital Inspection & Defect Management, Digital Commissioning Recording, Creation of Asset Information for Handover