Uniqueness Builds Community

At SKYGRiD, we are an industry-leading commercial general contractor and construction management company that is striving for excellence by building great projects across Canada.

Our industry leadership goes beyond the structures we build; we are committed to being leaders in building a workplace community where diversity, equity and inclusion thrives. We recognize that having a workforce with a wide range of lived experiences, perspectives, and opinions results in the best decision-making and most innovative solutions for our clients.

We will continue:

To value the unique characteristics we all have, and show up every day as our authentic selves

To inspire each other to build a culture and safe environment grounded in respect, encouragement and belonging

To learn from lived experiences to foster our inclusive community

To lead by cultivating leaders who are passionate in seeking out diverse voices and providing employees with the right tools and resources to fully participate

To collaborate with our business partners to accelerate the interests of diverse communities in the construction trades

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has been at the foundation of our past accomplishments; our continued commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will be the foundation of our future success!